Our Team

Dorothy Settles

Co-Founder and President

Dorothy’s work focuses on social movements, climate change, and conflict across Turtle Island and Southeast Asia…

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Esmé Graziani


Esmé currently lives in San Francisco but recently graduated from UBC with a degree in International…

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Majeed Malhas

Managing Editor

Majeed Malhas is a Palestinian-Canadian journalist from Amman, Jordan. He received his MSc in Social Anthropology…

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Toko Peters

Newsletter Director

Toko is from Vancouver, BC, and was born in Hamamatsu, Japan. After obtaining her B.A. in International…

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Chase Kelliher

Vice President

Chase holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from UBC and is a master’s candidate in International…

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El-Esha Okyere

Outreach Director

Elesha is from Accra, Ghana and moved to Vancouver, Canada to attend UBC. She is currently completing her B.A. in…

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Lilly Callender

Co-Founder and Creative Operations Manager

Lilly graduated from UBC with an International Relations and Economics degree. She grew up in rural Ontario…

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Arlene Yang

Social Media Coordinator

Arlene is from Vancouver, but has grown up in Beijing, Seattle, and Hawai’i. She graduated from UBC with a B.A. in International…

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Pearl Zhou

Chelsea Bean

Bethlehem Samson

Barbara Amona Purdie

Hannah Frederiks

Carla Rizk

Senior Writers

Luiza Teixeira

Lara Yacoub

Danica Torrens

Jonathan Chan

Joseph Bouchard

Staff Writers

Tatheer Tariq

Jack Leevers

Marion Paparella

JinHua Yip

Benoit Dupras

Maham Kamal Khanum

Mikael Borres

Jeanine Tajeddine

Vaishnavi Panchanadam

Angjelos Fero

Light Naing

Yahya Abdul Ghani

Fiona Jones

Osama Alshantti

Yulina Goto

Nicholas Leiper

Nethma Hapuarachchi

Grey Cooper

Social Media and Marketing

Chris Joe

Hannah Morton

Timothy Chiu

Vehara Rupasinghe