Our Team

Osama Alshantti (he/him)

Executive Director

Osama’s academic and journalistic work focuses on various issues in international relations, including human rights, diplomacy and conflict between states…

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Sude Guvendik (she/her)

People & Culture Director

Sude spent her formative years in Western Africa, primarily in Ghana, and Turkey before relocating to Vancouver to pursue…

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Lilly Callender (she/her)


Lilly graduated from UBC with an International Relations and Economics degree. She grew up in rural Ontario…

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Bethlehem Samson (she/her)

Editor in Chief

Bethlehem grew up in Metro Vancouver and recently graduated from UBC, studying History with International Relations. Her interests include…

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Dorothy Settles (she/her)


Dorothy’s work focuses on social movements, climate change, and conflict across Turtle Island and Southeast Asia…

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Managing Editors

Light Naing (he/they)


Anthony Hablak (he/him)

Zander Chila (he/they)

Senior Writers

Jonathan Chan (he/him)

Solomon Johnson (he/him)

Toko Peters (she/her)

Maham Kamal Khanum (she/her)

Henry Stevens (he/him)

Qiu Guan (she/her)

Staff Writers

Rose Solovitch (she/her)

Madalynn Hausch (she/her)

Emily Hellam (she/her)

Jacob Sablan (he/him)

Marine Krauzman (she/her)

Fatima Mahmoud (she/her)

Jack McClelland (he/him)

Maryam Elmanzalawy (she/her)

Liz Mendes (she/her)

Saad UI Haque (he/him)

Thomas Atkinson (he/him)

Social Media & Graphic Designers

Alex Senchyna (she/they)

Maya Edwards (she/her)

Narissa Brennan (she/her)

Kanako Takashima (she/her)