Around the World with Spheres highlights the articles we publish at Spheres of Influence, aiming to further amplify the voices of our writers and continue explaining and unpacking global affairs in an accessible and engaging way. In this event, three of our journalists will be presenting articles they have written about different issues in North America, drawing attention to critical, underreported human rights and social justice issues in this part of the world! Each journalist will present their article for 5 minutes, followed by a 10-minute Q/A session. The journalist speakers are:

  1. Helen Guan, author of “Food Systems as Survival and Culture: The Importance of Preserving Vancouver Chinatown’s Grocers and Restaurants.”
  2. Rose Solovitch, author of “One Woman’s Experience Navigating Disability, Doctors, and Disappointment.”
  3. Light Naing, author of “The Asianization of Hollywood: From Stereotypes to Diversity.”

The workshop will be hosted on Zoom and is free for all SOI members and volunteers, and accessible for others through donations. Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite.