• Tuti Sundara

    Environmental Activism: The Myth of Individual Resistance

    The threat of environmental doom in the face of the climate crisis has led to an overwhelming public desire to participate in environmental activism. Nonetheless, the collective struggle has been reshaped and scaled down into a private economic issue, effectively creating a myth of individual resistance. When the burden of

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    Environmental Racism in Canada

    The intersection of global climate change and long-standing structural racism remains largely unaddressed in Canadian public discourse. African-American civil rights leader Dr. Benjamin Chavis coined the term environmental racism in the 1980s as part of the environmental justice movement to directly address this phenomenon. Environmental racism refers to environmental practices,

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    Navigating Difficult Waters: the South China Sea Dispute

    Why does the South China Sea matter and why is its ownership widely disputed? For many decades, the South China Sea (SCS) has been a highly contested area between China and other Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, and Indonesia. The area is located in a major

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