• Maham Kamal Khanum

    Maham Kamal Khanum is a graduate of UBC International Relations, hailing from Karachi, Pakistan. She is interested in topics regarding migration, education, and South Asian society and politics.

    A History of Violence Against the Hazaras

    In yet another gruesome attack, 10 Hazara coal miners in Balochistan, Pakistan were blindfolded and shot dead by ISIS on January 3, after being kidnapped and taken to the nearby mountains. A gruesome video of the incident uploaded online shows the victims’ bodies strewn across the floor of a small

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    The Venezuelan Refugee Crisis

    After World War II, one of the first and tenth largest refugee-receiving countries was Venezuela. Today, Venezuela is experiencing a huge exodus of migrants and refugees as a result of the greater political, economic and humanitarian crisis it is facing, however it has not received as much international attention as

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    What Does an Iran-China Partnership Mean?

    In international relations, the saying, “the enemy of my enemy is a friend,” has proven true with the emergence of a new world order. Earlier this year, Iran’s increasing friendship with China was hinted at when a draft of a potential 25-year trade and military agreement was leaked. However, an

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    The British Colonial Legacy of Divide and Rule in South Asia

    “Divide et impera was an old Roman maxim, and it shall be ours,” wrote Lord Elphinstone in 1857, in regards to the British Empire in India. This old colonial tactic of “divide and rule” is still very relevant today, and continues to inform the ethnic and religious divisions and the

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    Kashmir: The Prolonged Cry for Human Rights

    The past year has been difficult for Kashmir, an Indian administered region of dispute that has recently lost its semi-autonomous status. Since then, human rights violations and forceful measures have riddled the valley, and the global pandemic has only made matters worse. In a similar trend to the last 73

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    What Does the Pandemic Look Like for Refugees?

    Over the past few months while the world has continued to reel from the COVID-19 global pandemic, there has been increased focus on a shrinking world. Less travel and movement have been encouraged and often enforced to contain the deadly virus. However, one population already contained within a limited area

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