• Lahari Nanda

    Lahari Nanda is a journalism and communications student in Canada. She is a writer by profession and passion.

    Medical Tourism in India Could Improve Local Healthcare Policy

    The discovery and creation of medicines have been an essential aspect of the human experience since 2600 BCE. Without the development of medicines and treatments like aspirin, smallpox vaccinations, and anesthesia, both the history and the future of the human race would be very different. These treatments, however, have not

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    White Allyship: A Boon or Bane to Social Justice?

    The emergence of allyship  The events of 2020 revealed the centuries of systemic oppression that people of colour (POC) routinely experience in their everyday lives. The institutions that enforce systemic oppression, like education, justice, and healthcare, are rooted in a hierarchy of race that places more value on the lives

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