• Jack Leevers

    Jack is from a small town on Vancouver Island, B.C. He graduated from Simon Fraser University with a B.A. in International Studies in 2019. Currently, his main interests lie in energy politics, environmental policy, and the changing world order. In his spare time, he enjoys disc golf and cycling in and around Vancouver.

    How Technology is Changing the Food System

    The agriculture and food systems have a terrible impact on the environment. Yet, they are essential. Embracing promising innovations could hold the key to increases in productivity with greater climate and health outcomes.

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    Turbulent Times Ahead for South Africa

    Not long ago, South Africa had a bright road ahead of its international advancement and national development. However, major political and economic hurdles now stand in the way of the realization of these visions.

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    Are Carbon Tariffs a Good Idea?

    In the fight against climate change, market mechanisms aimed to incentivize polluting firms to switch to less carbon-intensive methods of production, such as the carbon tax, have received high levels of support from experts. Essentially, a carbon tax places a dollar amount of tax per tonne of carbon emitted and

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