• Danica Torrens

    Israel is an Apartheid State

    In light of recent reports by Human Rights Watch and B’tselem, Israel’s occupation and relentless maltreatment of Palestinians are increasingly being recognized as the actions of an apartheid regime.

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    EVENT RECAP. Censorship and Silence: A Conversation on the Uyghurs

    Disclaimer: While the panelists mostly mentioned the Uyghur people by name, they as well as Spheres of Influence and UBC International Relations Students Association recognize the oppression of other minorities in the region, including the Kazakh, Kygyz, and Hui, among others.  On March 24th, 2021, Spheres of Influence and the

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    Global Disparities in the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

    The COVID-19 pandemic has shocked the world and brought business as usual to a halt, causing economies to dwindle and hospitals to be overrun with patients. The pandemic has also shed light on social, economic, and racial disparities not only in individual countries but in the global order itself. The

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