• Demiran Asim

    Unpacking the Securitization of the African Continent

    China’s intensified securitization in Africa to protect its geopolitical and economic interests has put the national security of the US in the continent at a higher risk. To solve that issue the US has encouraged China towards international cooperation to create a peaceful and sustainable environment for achieving mutual goals.

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    China’s Rising Power in International Finance

    A potential new reserve currency The rise of China’s influence on the global financial market is demonstrated by its increased capital investments in international institutions and projects. As the Chinese capital market continues to expand, its control over financial institutions like the New Development Bank (NDB) and Asian Infrastructure Investment

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    Abkhazia and the Shift Towards Cryptocurrency

    The increasing popularity of paying and trading with cryptocurrencies has raised regulatory and monetary policy concerns as these digital currencies reside beyond the governmental realm. Monetary policies dictate control over fiat currencies which are valued based on trust in governmental promises. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies facilitated by a decentralized payment

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