For centuries, much of the globe was carved up and governed by colonial powers. Colonialism propelled the rise of many Western powers at the expense of the peoples and lands they exploited. Colonial powers imposed languages and religions on their subjects, installed inequitable economic systems, and drew up careless and arbitrary borders. Despite the mass wave of decolonization that occurred after World War II, in many ways, we continue to live within colonial structures. The long-lasting effects of colonialism still linger, shaping and exacerbating today’s wars, conflicts, and persisting inequalities. However, most education systems and mainstream media publications are heavily influenced by ex-colonial powers, clouding the general public’s awareness of colonial legacies on international affairs today while permitting a lack of accountability. This series seeks to highlight the colonial legacies that have given rise to the most pressing problems in our world while allowing us to reclaim and rethink the ways in which the past informs the present.