Our Values

Accessibility: Spheres of Influence is rooted in the idea that discussions of international relations shouldn’t be exclusively available in sophisticated vocabulary and academic terms. This website is a space for information that is expressed in understandable language. We also structure our take on topics seeped in historical complexities in an explanatory way. In doing so we aim to make our content as accessible as possible to our readers.

Passing the mic: We believe in the inherent validity of voices. While academic and professional achievements are incredible pursuits that we celebrate, our voices being heard shouldn’t depend on them. Lived experience, personal interest, and authentic expression inform perspectives that better our society. We’re building a space where we can learn about our shared community from contributors who themselves come from diverse backgrounds.

Accountability: We hold accountability to the highest regard with all the work we do. This means that we wish to use journalism as a tool to hold parties accountable for their actions and also give our readers actionable options to re-affirm international responsibilities. This also means holding ourselves accountable. We acknowledge that our perspective can not be rid of bias and take accountability for our inherent subjectivity in our work.