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    Dorothy Settles

    Lilly Callender

    Co-Founder and President

    Co-Founder and Vice President

    Dorothy is originally from Tempe, Arizona, and graduated from the UBC with a B.A. in International Relations and History in 2020 and will begin her Master’s in International Security at Sciences Po in 2021. Her main research interests are human rights, armed conflict, and migration, with a strong focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Outside of the academic world, she loves Leonard Cohen, solo backpacking trips, and making dim sum.

    Lilly is from the small town of Sydenham, Ontario. After high school she went to pursue an education in International Relations with a focus in economics and development. Her main points of interest are international public health, natural resource governance, and sustainability. Lilly is also a strong advocate for social justice, determined to promote diversity and inclusion into all aspects of life.

    Esmé Graziani

    Rob Lowrey

    Arlene Yang


    People and Culture Director

    Social Media Coordinator

    Esme is from New York and is currently in her final year at the UBC, studying International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies. Her interests include political philosophy and theory, American foreign policy, and the relationship between politics and religion, gender, and other factors of identity. Esme loves to read, write, and make art. Most of all she, loves to spend time with friends and movies and the meaning of human existence.

    Rob is originally from Calgary, Alberta and now resides outside of Toronto, Ontario. He graduated from Humber College’s Bachelor of Journalism program in 2018 and is currently working towards obtaining his Canadian Human Resource Professional (CHRP) designation. His areas of interest include human rights and environmental sustainability. Rob is a passionate social justice activist and hopes to use his CHRP designation to promote diversity, inclusivity, and equality in all facets of the workforce.

    Arlene is from Vancouver but spent most of her life in Beijing. She moved back to Vancouver for university and graduated in 2020 with a B.A. in International Relations. She is interested in environmental disparity, human rights, and sustainability. She is a candidate for a Masters of Management at UBC, and hopes to utilize management skills to contribute to reforestation in North Korea. In her free time, you can find her scouting the best locally sourced restaurants in Vancouver or planning the next road trip.

    Irene Lee

    Valeriya Gazizova 

    Danicar Hsu

    Marketing Co-Director

    Markekting Co-Director

    Outreach Director

    Irene was born in South Korea and raised in Vancouver, BC. In her fourth year of her Bachelor of Commerce at Queen’s University, she is focusing on Marketing and Organizational Strategy. Specifically, Irene has developed a passion for learning how to build ethical, sustainable, and inclusive organizations. In her spare time, she likes to paint, go out for dinner with friends, and play guitar.

    Originally from Siberia, Russia, Valeriya moved to Canada in 2013 to pursue a university degree in Marketing and Social Science. She is a passionate human rights and animal rights activist, with a focus on racial and gender issues. Valeriya is hoping to inspire change by helping people understand just how important it is to fight the good fight. Some of Valeriya’s hobbies include cooking, weightlifting, and painting.

    Social Media Team

    Hannah Morton

    Zein Haj Hasan

    Majeed Malhas

    Outreach Coordinators

    El-esha Okyere

    Zhanel Kozhagapanova