Our Mission

Spheres of Influence is a non-profit dedicated to making sense of the world of international relations. We are passionate about making complex topics accessible to everyone while offering a refreshing alternative to the mainstream media. We are based out of Vancouver, Canada but aim to provide a platform for individuals from across the globe to voice their perspectives.

We found that too often, the discussions surrounding the world’s most pressing issues are bogged down with overly academic jargon and reserved only for the elite. This exclusionary nature of international relations creates a major barrier to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the problems we face and silences the voices we should be listening to the most. The world is becoming increasingly complex and globalization has magnified many of our problems, from nuclear weapons to trade wars to environmental destruction. This means that it’s more important than ever for us to be informed about what’s happening in the world so that we can adequately address these crises.

We have split up our website into four different series: The Big Picture, Underreported Issues, New World Order, and Colonial Legacies. Our intention for creating these series was to address the existing gaps in the mainstream media and academia. In doing so, we comprehensively address the world’s biggest challenges through fresh perspectives informed by history, political science, economics, sociology, and geography.

We have hired a team of young, passionate, and diverse individuals from across the world. Our highly talented contributors offer poignant analyses and informed perspectives that seek to convey current events and international relations in a way that is understandable and engaging.