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We are looking for passionate, motivated, and talented individuals to join the Spheres of Influence team! If you have writing, editorial, marketing, social media, or web design skills, we would love to have you. 

Joining our non-profit entails connecting with young professionals and students across the world, the expansion of soft skills, and furthering global connectivity and awareness. While Spheres of Influence is entirely volunteer-based, we aim to make this experience as reciprocal as possible by providing opportunities for professional growth and capacity building.

We deeply value having input from a diverse range of individuals. In addition to making international relations more accessible, we strive for inclusivity on our platform and especially encourage contributions from people who are Black, Indigenous, of colour, living with disabilities, of different religions and cultural backgrounds, and identify within the LGBTQ2+ community.

Current Openings

We currently do not have any openings. Please check back for updates.

Guest Submissions

We are always happy to receive guest submissions or pitches for articles that align with our mission and values. Please send submissions to