We are looking for passionate, motivated, and talented individuals to join the Spheres of Influence team! If you have writing, editorial, marketing, social media, or web design skills, we would love to have you. 

Volunteering with our non-profit is a great way to get your work published and gain experience in the fields of journalism, human rights advocacy, international relations, and marketing. Please note that all positions are volunteer and held remotely. 

We deeply value having input from a diverse range of individuals. In addition to making international relations more accessible, we strive for inclusivity on our platform and especially encourage contributions from people who are Black, Indigenous, of colour, living with disabilities, of different religions and cultural backgrounds, and identify within the LGBTQ2+ community.

Write for us

We are looking to hire dedicated, passionate, and talented writers to join our team. As part of the Spheres of Influence staff, you will contribute two articles per month to be published on our website. Your work will become part of our initiative to spread awareness about international relations and current events, and you will have the freedom to write about topics you’re knowledgeable and passionate about.

This is an ideal opportunity for students, recent graduates, and young professionals to have your work published and build your portfolio while playing a key role in the growth of our website. You will have the freedom to choose what you want to write about, as long as it fits into one of our series.

To apply for a writing position, please click here

Guest submissions

We are also happy to receive and publish one-off submissions from guest contributors who are unable to commit to becoming a staff writer. If you wish to submit an article, please email it directly to editor@spheresofinfluence.ca

Please carefully read through our submission criteria.

Other opportunities

We have some volunteer openings and would love to have you join our team. The time commitment is fairly manageable (3-5 hours per week). This is a great way for students and young professionals to gain experience in the field.

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please apply via the Google Forms sheets below. Please email any questions to info@spheresofinfluence.ca

We are looking for a creative and motivated individual to help promote Spheres of Influence online. The social media and marketing team plays a crucial role in expanding our reach and spreading awareness of our initiative. This position requires an individual who has a strong grasp of effective social media and marketing practices. This is an ideal position for a student, recent graduate, or young professional who is seeking to gain experience in the communications sphere.

Position Requirements & Duties:

– Design and create engaging social media posts.

– Publish materials directly to our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

– Help us write and design our bi-monthly newsletters.

– Research and implement new ways to help us promote our website and reach larger audiences. 

– The ideal candidate is highly creative and innovative with a keen eye for detail. 

– Previous marketing, communications, and social media experience is preferred but not required.

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We are looking for a team of attentive and detail-oriented individuals to join the Spheres of Influence editorial board. Our editors play a crucial role in ensuring the articles we publish are high quality and factual. Also, the editors will ensure each of the articles fit the conversational and jargon-free writing style that is central to our mission of making important information related to international relations accessible. This is an ideal opportunity for students, recent graduates, and young professionals to gain editorial experience in the field of international relations and journalism.

Position Requirements & Duties:

– Edit 2-3 article submissions per week. Primarily edit for tone and accuracy, ensuring the article flows well and is more conversational than academic.

– Communicate directly with the author and presidents.

– The ideal candidate will have strong writing and editing skills with a keen eye for detail.

– Previous editing experience is preferred but not necessary.

How to Apply:

– Click here to apply.